Joining Science is to be a part of the most diverse fields within pure and applied branches. Besides the most common field such as medicine and engineering, it prepares one to enter into the promising fields of 21st century such as biotechnology, information technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, nuclear physics and so on. Plus two sciences prepare students to specialize in any area of the interest within the discipline of science as a whole.

Students who have passed SLC or any equivalent examination with a minimum aggregate score of 60% are eligible to apply. Students will be considered for registration on the basis of SLC marks, Entrance test and interview.

Course Combination

Com.English Com English
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Maths Com.Nepali

Group A Group A
Biology Biology
Group B Group B
Computer Science Maths
Computer Science (Non-Credit)

Class Schedule:
Morning Shift-6.30-12.45
Day Shift-11:00-5:45