Mr. Prakash Thapa

Mr. Prakash Thapa

Founder Chairman

Dear prospective students,

It is immensly satisfying to welcome you NASA(National Abode for Scholars & Academicians) college, which evenin its comparatively short history of only four years, has been able to produce some outstanding achievements in academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. As a center of academic excellence, NASA H.S.S./College offers students from all over the country a dynamic, supportive and creative envrionment in which they are encouraged by the cooperative staff and competent academicians to pursue personal excellence in academic pursuits, resulting enhanced propects for career development. At the same time, our concomitant focus on co-curricular and extracurricular activities has also earned us a considerable national fame with leading national dailies ofen heralding our name in the newspaper banners every now and then.

Our strong academic team, strong empahasis on applicability of courses and student- friendly pedagogy, compounded by well-equipped libraries, elaborate laboratories, air-conditioned classrooms and well-furnished play grounds, leave the students with only tow options: to lead and to succeed.

A warm welcome awaits you at the fertile and of NASA.

Thank you.

Thank You!
Prakash Thapa