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Prakash Thapa

Dear Parents, Students and Well-wishers,

I am extremely pleased to welcome all of you to NASA. Within a short span of time NASA has been an educational brand. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all parents, guardians, faculties, staff, and all our well-wishers without whose support, the goal of NASA to produce "Globalized being" would not be possible. Like all institutions NASA has also experienced different upheavals in its journey. Eventually we have arrived at such a point, "fully matured stage."

I assure all our well-wishers that the future of NASA is even better in the days to come as NASA is now under the new management of passionate educators. NASA has been spreading its wings far and wide: from this year we have started BBA and BSW. MBS and MBA are in a pipe-line. As saying goes that the taste of ricepudding lies only after eating, I welcome all aspiring students to NASA to have a real experience of world class education in Nepal.

Looking forward to welcoming you to NASA.


Dear Parents, Students and Well-wishers,

Inexplicably unbounded happiness has been sensed while extending our warmest greetings on behalf of NASA Int'l College and I would like to welcome you all with the same spirit. As a Chinese proverb correctly reads 'If you are planning for a year, cultivate paddy; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees and if you are planning for a century, educate the people'. I sense myself and my team rather lucky and determined as well since we have been involved in educating people, which is the supreme and finest of all the responsibilities to be discharged in honour and reverence of motherland, we believe.

NASA International College, under NASA Education Network aims at growing as synonymously interchangeable as the key factor for quality education in nation. We have adopted modern instinct of education which is sharp contrast to conventional teaching learning modalities. I assure you that it encourages us to work smart and envision the summit of success that we will be successfully expediting quite sooner.

NASA, which has grown as unparallel to others in terms of physical facilities and extracurricular activities, has an equally strong network of human resources as well. Visionary management, professional cum experienced teaching team and hospitable administration will, of course, mould aspirant students to be the exemplary output through our attempts, we postulate. It is my great fortune, with capacity of the Principal of this institution, to assure that your expectations and principles in academic and behavioral modification of the students will always be internalized with the utmost priority and no excuse and compromises will be paid leniency at, on our behalf.

You trust us; and we transform you, in response. Thanking you all!

Sudhir Kumar Jha
Jitendra Bahadur Chand
Director, Administration

Dear Parents, Students and Well-wishers,

It's my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to NASA Int'l HSS/ College which was founded in 2010 under the umbrella of NASA Education Network with an aim to providing world class education in the homeland. It has recently been taken over by the new management of passionate educators of Nepal who are renowned and veteran in the present academic scenario of the country.

If we see the performance of NASA of past 4 years, we will certainly come to know how it has been producing excellent results in all areas, i.e. Academic, ECA, Sports and Discipline. Today the Nasasians are spreading not only all over the country but also in the world in the field of medical, engineering, banking, tourism and sports. NASA has set a record of winning 2 times National Basketball Championship and once Inter College National Cricket Tournament and won many times the title of Inter College Basketball Tournament.

Hence, I assure you that after our team has taken over NASA, the future of NASA is sure to be better as our new team is devoted to adding a new and historical dimension.

Looking forward to seeing you materialize your dream here.


Respected Guardians and Dear Students,

NASA International College is the academic institution where international ideology and expertise blend with the domestic ideals and values in a uniquely distinct way to produce human resources who are competent enough to meet the most recent global standards, and at the same time are the true ambassadors of their native pride and glory.

In an academic scenario where an overwhelming number of colleges tempt students with various alluring schemes and packages, choosing a right institution has really been a tough task. NASA college, under the new management of passionate educators and true professionals, can definitely be the most appropriate choice in this regard. At NASA, we not only teach and encourage our students to achieve the best academic grades but also ensure them that they are enlightened with the knowledge of the universal values of love, humanity and brotherhood. Our team of highly experienced experts, assisted by a dynamic rung of faculties, are always committed to providing the best education possible in the most friendly and homely environment so that students can unleash their potentials in the full fledge. I am sure you will never regret, but have things to remember over and over again in the future once you show your trust in NASA.

Extending you all a warm welcome to NASA,

Niranjan Kumar Acharya
Director, Dept. of Finance &BBA
Dasharatha Shrestha
Director, +2 Management & Humanities, BASW & BBS

Dear Parents, Students and Well-wishers,

An immense pleasure envelops me to welcome you to NASA, which is relentlessly discharging its services to educate the people; and now we are in five years of operation to form the skilled human capital. The merger of infrastructural excellences with intellectual excellences builds a strong ground to step ahead with full-swing confidence in this regard.

Having a pool of widely acknowledged teaching faculties in the nation, well-advanced library and high-class laboratory, open and spacious class rooms equipped with modern teaching technologies, state-of-the-art computer lab, hygienic canteen, and profuse exposure through field visits, tours, excursions, guest lectures, orientations, seminars and workshops, sports and other extra and co-curricular activities undoubtedly mould students to grow matured as expected; and there we leave no stone unturned for grooming them in the very way.

Realizing the need of time, besides +2 program, we are also running Rara Residential Secondary English School, BBA (Pokhara University), BASW (TU) and BBS (TU). Sooner, we are about to launch other various courses of high demand in this competitive and complex corporate set-up.

Thanking you!